Brian Minty graduated from Rhodes University (BSc) in 1976 with majors in mathematics and physics. He then received a BSc (Hons) (1977) in geophysics from the University of the Witwatersrand, an MSc (Cum Laude, 1982) in exploration geophysics from the University of Pretoria, and a PhD (1997) from the Australian National University. Early in his career, Brian worked for the Geological Survey of South Africa (1977-1981), and Hunting Geology and Geophysics (1982-1986). In South Africa he worked on airborne surveys targeting uranium, and it was during this period that he developed a life-long interest in airborne geophysics and, in particular, the gamma-ray spectrometric method.
In 1986 he joined Geoscience Australia, and soon found himself in a research role. He has published techniques for mapping caesium fallout, the micro-levelling of airborne magnetic data, the estimation of atmospheric radon background, and the multichannel processing of airborne gamma-ray spectrometric data. He also developed a methodology for the automatic merging of gridded airborne geophysical survey data. After 25 years with Geoscience Australia, and its predecessors, Brian started his own consultancy (Minty Geophysics) in 2011. Over the years he has undertaken a number of international training consultancies - mainly in the field of airborne magnetics and gamma-ray spectrometry. These include consultancy work for the Geological Survey of France, Geological Survey of Norway, Anglo American Corporation, the South African Geophysical Association, and the Iranian Geophysical Society. He has also represented Australia on two International Atomic Energy Agency consultancies – looking at the standardization of acquisition, calibration and data processing procedures for gamma-ray spectrometry.

A selected list of Brian’s publications can downloaded from the pdf link below.
"Our mission is to provide innovative processing solutions to maximise the amount of information that our customers can extract from their airborne geophysical data"
Minty Geophysics is a geophysical consultancy specialising in the enhancement of airborne geophysical data. Our premier digital processing products (GAMMA_Plus, GAMMA_Grid and GAMMA_Target) are used for the optimum processing of multichannel airborne gamma-ray spectrometric data to reduce noise and enhance radioelement anomaly detection. We can apply these methods to the re-processing of open file geophysical data or your own proprietary data.

We also offer a range of geophysical consulting services to the mineral exploration and environmental mapping community. These include geophysical survey design, survey monitoring, quality control, data processing and interpretation.
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